Trading as the Russian Relief Association of St Sergius of Radonezh | ABN 20 071 400 470

Aged Care Warriewood

With a vision to provide best-practice care and a tailored, culturally specific approach, St Sergius Aged Care offers a range of services to meet different individual needs.

When they visit St Sergius Aged Care, Warriewood locals will find a welcoming and homelike facility just outside Sydney. We want to enable all consumers to maintain their quality of life – whether that means providing extra support for consumers living in their own homes, in independent living units, or within high or low care units.

Providing Values Based Aged Care Services for Sydney

An important part of ageing with dignity includes the ability to continue to participate meaningfully in cultural traditions. Within an environment of trust, respect, innovation, and compassion, we celebrate traditional feast days, and serve delicious, dietitian-approved home-style Russian meals each day.

All TVs within the facility can show local, Russian, and Serbian programs. Our onsite chapel is open to all denominations for services, private prayer, and contemplation. We also assist all consumers who wish to do so to attend services at the neighbouring Russian Orthodox Church. Everyone is supported to maintain their privacy and individuality whilst receiving assistance and support to participate in daily activities.

To learn more about our services in aged care, Warriewood locals can contact the St Sergius team by phone or email.

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