Trading as the Russian Relief Association of St Sergius of Radonezh | ABN 20 071 400 470

Aged Care Vaucluse

By providing a homelike and supportive environment, we want to assist all consumers to age with dignity, as they continue to live full and fulfilling lives. We offer a range of services in aged care. Vaucluse residents can visit our facility, or enquire about St Sergius’s Home Care Packages.

From supporting locals who wish to maintain their independence, to providing high care, dementia care, or palliative care, we display respect, trustworthiness, innovation, and compassion in everything that we do. We want to support our consumers to live the life of their choice.

Providing Values Based Aged Care Services for Sydney

We value our staff and the services that they provide at St Sergius Aged Care. We provide the highest standards of care, and follow best practices when providing tailored, culturally specific care.

We treat all consumers with kindness and dignity, and have created a homelike atmosphere to support physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological wellbeing at St Sergius. We provide specific home-style cooked meals, and observe religious feasts and other customs relating to Russian and other Slavic cultures.

To make further enquiries about our services in aged care, Vaucluse locals can contact the St Sergius team.

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