Trading as the Russian Relief Association of St Sergius of Radonezh | ABN 20 071 400 470

Room Types & Amenities

All rooms are kept clean and tidy by the staff at St Sergius. Consumers are encouraged to bring in their favourite mementos of earlier years. Furniture in the room is in keeping with the modern style of the building and includes: built in wardrobes; built in bed-side lockers including lockable drawers; flat screen televisions with Russian cable television; reverse cycle air-conditioning; comfortable lounge style chair.

All beds in the facility are electronic to enable care to be delivered with the least disruption to the consumer. Each bed is also equipped with the latest nurse-call paging system.

Consumers living in our facility have access to a range of different communal spaces, totalling approximately 1222 square metres (excluding grounds) including large balcony areas. Communal spaces include a large shared social and function room, activity areas throughout the facility. There are several dining areas on each floor of the facility. Our facility offers an indoor gym which is overseen by the physiotherapist. We have a chapel which is located on the ground floor where any denomination is welcome to use. We also have small grounds with a fountain and areas to walk and enjoy the fresh air and sun.

Room Types & Amenities Area
Single with ensuite 23m2
Single 9m2
Double with ensuite 28m2
Double 20m2
3 Bed ward with ensuite 38m2
3 Bed Ward 29.8m2
4 Bed Ward 35m2

room amenities

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