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Palliative Care

Palliative care is about living for as long as possible in the most satisfying way you can, within the limits of your illness. It’s not simply about dying. Managing symptoms is an important part of this. Values-based palliative care addresses physical symptoms such as pain or nausea as well as helping with emotional, spiritual and social needs.

At St Sergius, we offer a holistic approach to the care of those who have a terminal condition. Our aim is to provide support, to manage pain and improve quality of life, and by addressing any distressing symptoms, to always show respect and kindness.

We believe that the best quality of life possible becomes the priority, and encourage all consumers to fulfil as many aspects of their life that they are able to manage both independently and with assistance.

While end of life isn't an easy discussion to have, it's always recommended to undertake Advanced Care planning. Coming to the end of life has a strong emotional and psychological impact, and Advanced Care planning is an effective way to make some of the difficult decisions that lie ahead.

Our Advanced Care planning process gives the family, doctors, and our care team a clear understanding of the person’s values, health issues, and what they would take from their future care.

Providing Values Based Palliative Care in Sydney

By creating a homelike atmosphere at St Sergius, with high and low care options, independent living units, a dementia unit, a range of Home Care Packages, and services in palliative care, Sydney residents are empowered to choose the tailored care that best meets their individual requirements.

We follow best practices to provide culturally safe, ethnic-specific care. There is a menu of traditional Russian recipes, which are assessed by a Dietitian for nutritional value. We also offer TVs for each bed with both English and Russian programs.

The St Sergius staff foster a sense of community within the facility, and assist consumers to participate in the wider community. St Sergius Aged Care is located next door to the Russian Orthodox Church and all consumers who wish to attend services are supported to do so.

The St Sergius staff will support consumers within the facility, and consumers who have chosen Home Care Packages, to access dignified and empowering palliative care. Sydney residents can speak to our staff, or request to visit the facilities at any time.

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