Trading as the Russian Relief Association of St Sergius of Radonezh | ABN 20 071 400 470


The Organisation

The Russian Relief Association of St Sergius of Radonezh is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered under the Corporations Act 2001. It is a not-for-profit, public benevolent organisation.

Organisational Chart

The Board of Directors

The Association is made up of its Members who, under their Constitution, elect a Board of Directors at their Annual General Meeting.

The members also elect a President who heads the Board. Each year a certain number of Directors have to stand for re-election.

The Board of Directors meets once a month to transact the business of the Association. Formal records of the meetings are maintained.

The Directors' responsibilities are to ensure proper governance and stewardship of the Association's resources, strategy formulation and the development of organisational policy.

Overseeing the activities of the organisation are an internal Audit Committee and an external auditor.

The Staff

The Board of Directors is assisted in managing the St Sergius Aged Care complex by an appropriately qualitied and experienced senior management team appointed by the Board. This team includes CEO, Director of Care, Director of Finance, Deputy Director of Nursing, Clinical Care Coordinator, CHSP Coordinator and Maintenance Manager.

The management team, in turn, is responsible for the appointment and supervision of qualified staff to take care of the Consumers. All nursing staff are qualified.

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