Trading as the Russian Relief Association of St Sergius of Radonezh | ABN 20 071 400 470

St Sergius Social Support Group & Centre-Based Respite

Centre-Based Respite:

Centre-based respite care relationships between carers and clients, through providing good quality respite care for frail older people so that carers can take a break.

Respite care benefits the carer through providing supervision and assistance to the frail older client. The carer may or may not be present during the delivery of the service. Centre-based respite care includes:

Social Support Group:

Social Support Group assists frail older people to participate in community life and feel socially included through structured, group-based activities that develop, maintain or support independent living and social interaction.

These structured activities are provided in a group-based environment and designed to develop, maintain or support social interaction and independent living

Activities may take the form of:

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